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Formal Training Complete!

Slight change of plans… ¬†after talking with Transport Canada about converting my USA FAA licenses, I learned that Canada doesn’t recognize the Commercial Single Engine license from the US, rather they grant the pilot...


Remember the Cessna

Yesterday, my first day back flying in over a week, saw a rather dramatic change of pace. After spending a good while with my new instructor (#7 in all) reviewing my logbook and previous...


Multi-engine Licensed Pilot

It’s official, I am now an officially FAA licensed multi-engine pilot! As they say, second time was a charm, and thankfully that held true for me today. Despite being a fair bit nervous going...


Seminole Flight #1

After finishing my final multi-engine training simulator session, we headed out onto the ramp and learned how to pre-flight a Seminole airplane Рwhich is a fair bit more work that the Cessna as there...


The Piper Seminole

Yesterday, I started my multi-engine training in the Piper Seminole, a light twin engine airplane capable of much higher speeds and performance than the Cessna 172. Because the Seminole has two engines, it burns...

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