Formal Training Complete!

Slight change of plans…  after talking with Transport Canada about converting my USA FAA licenses, I learned that Canada doesn’t recognize the Commercial Single Engine license from the US, rather they grant the pilot those permissions by default if they have completed the commercial multi-engine certificate. SO… this means I am ALL DONE formal training – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED – and have instead negotiated with the flight school to trade the single engine time in for additional multi-engine crew time to help pad my hours. This also means no more crazy maneuvers and scary flights in the practice area and best of all NO MORE FLIGHT EXAMS – until I actually get hired and work on more complicated ratings.

Starting tomorrow, I will be off on 23 hrs more cross country training and really hoping to see some new sighs and airports instead of getting stuck in the dreaded Riverside – North Las Vegas – Gateway triangle of boredom!


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