The Piper Seminole


Yesterday, I started my multi-engine training in the Piper Seminole, a light twin engine airplane capable of much higher speeds and performance than the Cessna 172. Because the Seminole has two engines, it burns through gas much faster and is thus much more expensive to fly so we get a limited number of flights and supplement with simulator training sessions. Although the simulators we use are not full motion, they are a full size cockpit and have life-like controls and provide a great training experience.

We start with four 2-hour sim sessions before even taking a single flight, but because the Seminole has a few more systems, there are new checklists and emergency flows that we have to memorize so we can safely fly. During my first training sessions, I focused on run-ups, takeoffs, climbs, cruise, and before landing procedures. While similar to the Cessna, they are different and thus I did find it a bit overwhelming at first, but quickly found myself adapting and learning. If there is one thing that this flight training adventure has taught (or maybe I should say re-taught) me is how to learn and learn complex systems in a short time frame.

My next sim sessions, on Friday will focus again on emergency procedures and then we’ll transition into the required maneuvers for the practical exam (check-ride) which is coming up in only about a week and a half.

I am really looking forward the first flight and to start to gain a feel for the airplane and test my hand at landings – which most tell me is much easier in the Seminole vs. the Cessna.


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