About Me

20140628-065559-24959185.jpgAlthough it may be cliche, I am a true life long learner. I love discovering new things and investigating why things work the way they do.

After completing several consecutive years of education, from high school through graduate studies, I found myself hunting for just the right career that would allow me to keep learning and growing while providing for my family. When no such option was immediately evident, I created for myself a job that became my career and passion for over 12 years – Whytespace Ltd.

In the summer of 2012, I saw the life cycle of my small business come to completion via the sale of Whytespace to our marketing partners at Bubble Marketing Corp.  Through the sale, two growing businesses merged forces to expand service offerings for our clients.

As part of the transition, I took on a senior management role in BubbleUP providing technical leadership to a team of 7 designers and developers and support to the company president. Working remotely from southern Arizona for three years, I was able to start a new adventure where I obtained my commercial pilot license and started an exciting but slow career change to become an airline pilot.

In the spring of 2015, I finished all my FAA pilot ratings up to commercial, multi-IFR level with about 250 flight hours. Altough the original plan was for me to then continue building hours and experience as a flight instructor in Arizona, due to the low pay and long hours, that wasn’t going to be possible so our family decided to move back to Alberta where I would sought out job opportunities with small charter airlines offering low-time pilot programs.

In July 2015, now back settled into our former community of Sherwood Park, Alberta, I accepted a non-flying position with North Cariboo Air working the ramp and passenger screening while waiting my time on the low-time program.

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