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Crab and Wing Dip

Been working on the line indoc on the 1900D for a few weeks now and the one maneuver that I’ve been struggling with is crosswind landings – ever my nemesis! All these struggles and...


King Air Pilot Day #1

So today was the big day, first flight ever that I didn’t have to pay for and instead for which I got paid! Huge milestone in this career change. The day started with getting...


Sim Day 1

PHEW… just back from SIM… needed to hop right into the shower trying to relax. So the good news… day one of SIM training is over and both my instructor and my captain both...


YEG Airport Visit

So with a day to myself to run some errands, I started with a trip to the doctor to hopefully finalize my┬áTransport Canada Aviation Medical with my family doctor – having recently received a...


GPS Navigation and Approaches

What amazing experiences night flying brings! Took off just after sunset again last night for a quick trip down to Marana to practice GPS navigation along victor airways and then setup for a GPS...

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