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Up Where I Belong!

Finally connected with my buddy Jason and we got our sunset flight in tonight! Been planning this sucker for a few months now and it lives up to the hype. We climbed into the...


Flight with Simon

Fresh of my adventures in Alberta, I lined up a late afternoon flight with my former flight instructor Clay who joined Simon and I for Simon’s first Cessna flight. We met up at the...


Remember the Cessna

Yesterday, my first day back flying in over a week, saw a rather dramatic change of pace. After spending a good while with my new instructor (#7 in all) reviewing my logbook and previous...


Seminole Flight #1

After finishing my final multi-engine training simulator session, we headed out onto the ramp and learned how to pre-flight a Seminole airplane Рwhich is a fair bit more work that the Cessna as there...

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