Flight with Simon

2015-04-29 10.57.50Fresh of my adventures in Alberta, I lined up a late afternoon flight with my former flight instructor Clay who joined Simon and I for Simon’s first Cessna flight. We met up at the Chandler airport and loaded up in N65453 and departed for a tour of the San Tan mountains, a flip around our neighborhood in Anthem and then an ILS instrument approach into Gateway, followed by a touch and go landing and a return to the Chandler airspace for a series of touch and go landings.

Again having not flowing in a few weeks, I struggled a bit on the first two landings, but quickly and safely transitioned to go arounds and on the last two, I nailed them and it felt great to get the feelings and confidence back. I think on the next flight I’ll start flying from the right seat as I do hope to do my instructor training in the next few months.

Simon was pretty excited about the flight and said it was really neat to be able to see his surroundings from the air and to experience the bumps in a small plane. Although not able to listen to the radio communications, to really know what was going on, Simon said it was a great experience and one that I hope to repeat with him many more times as I share my passion with my family.


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