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Home Sweet Home

Returned home pretty late Monday night to my lovely wife picking me up at the airport and walked into the house to a fantastic birthday gift. Sarah conspired with my manager at North Cariboo...


Checkride Day

Long story short… I passed and so did my captain! Despite incredible nerve going into the briefing and a few big fails on limitation numbers. The check pilot gave me a shot in the...


Sim Day 6

Well… I made it to the end of training, and successfully accomplished all maneuvers and procedures to standards and got the “recommend” from my instructor for tomorrow’s flight test. A huge milestone considering how...


Sim Day 5

As with all my flight training experience, the day after a plateau is always a pretty strong day. I woke this morning commited to doing everything in my power to be the copilot my...


Sim Day 4

So… today was a pretty hard day in the SIM. In the first flight I felt like I really let my captain down as I missed a few calls and somehow ended up buggering...


Sim Day 3

Just wrapped Day 3 of sim training and wow does it feel like a meat grinder! Just when I think I am getting comfortable, I get tossed a few more new items and it’s...

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