Sim Day 6

Well… I made it to the end of training, and successfully accomplished all maneuvers and procedures to standards and got the “recommend” from my instructor for tomorrow’s flight test. A huge milestone considering how low I felt after Wednesday’s sim session.

In today’s session I had to fight pretty hard through the V1 cuts and the single engine missed approaches so much so that we had to take a break and my captain and I reviewed what I was doing and we realized that I was forgetting a very important instrument in my scan… the BALL! After the break, we resumed and I finally got both maneuvers without too much trouble, a major accomplishment as these are the two toughest maneuvers that we’ll ever have to do.

We wrapped up the lesson with an ILS to circle to land, which I found tricky again until my captain and I made a new plan and then I nailed the maneuver and successfully landed the plane.

After a friendly briefing and some last words of encouragement from my instructor we called the end. I then took an hour off and did a long walk to the beach and picked up a coffee and shrimp tacos for dinner. My captain then met me down at the beach and we headed to a pub for a last bit of study and prep and more importantly a hard earned beer!

Back at the hotel I reviewed a few final systems items and then crawled into bed to a good night’s rest.

A big thanks to my CFI buddy Clay for his positive encouragements and tips via text along this wild journey.

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