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Commercially Rated Pilot!

It’s official, I am now a commercially rated pilot! Almost one full year to the day after being accepted into the program and about 8 month after my first training flight, what a journey...


Seminole Flight #1

After finishing my final multi-engine training simulator session, we headed out onto the ramp and learned how to pre-flight a Seminole airplane Рwhich is a fair bit more work that the Cessna as there...


The Piper Seminole

Yesterday, I started my multi-engine training in the Piper Seminole, a light twin engine airplane capable of much higher speeds and performance than the Cessna 172. Because the Seminole has two engines, it burns...


Try and try again

Made to the end of this series of flight lessons but my instructor has decided I am not quite ready to advance to the solo flights quite yet so I’ll be starting some remedial...

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