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Below is a quick visual summary of my progress to two significant milestones for a low-time pilot. Having achieved 285 hrs, I can now be hired as a First Officer. IATRA (250 hrs)100% Then I figure it...


Instructor Rating Training

Well a new adventure in flight has officially begun…  I have started my training to become a flight instructor! Seeing no quick routes to the flight line at Cariboo, I decided to enroll in flight...


The Piper Seminole

Yesterday, I started my multi-engine training in the Piper Seminole, a light twin engine airplane capable of much higher speeds and performance than the Cessna 172. Because the Seminole has two engines, it burns...


Private Pilot Training Done!

This morning’s flight marked the end of my flight training for my private pilot license. With all maneuvers performed perfectly again and three smooth landings, my instructor has officially signed me off for my...

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