Instructor Rating Training

Well a new adventure in flight has officially begun…  I have started my training to become a flight instructor!

Seeing no quick routes to the flight line at Cariboo, I decided to enroll in flight training to become a certified flight instructor, with the hopes of continuing to build valuable flight hours and to start getting paid for it.

Having spent several hours at the Cooking Lake Aviation Academy with my flight rentals, I figured it was the best place for me to take my training since it was close to home and the atmosphere was fairly laid back which would work to my favor when/if the training gets stressful. A few weeks back, I met with my instructor Ben to outline the program and the requirements and I quickly found that we had a good rapport so I was encouraged and excited to get started.

According to Transport Canada I will need 25 hrs of ground school instruction, 30 hours flight time in addition to passing a written and a flight test. All of which should take me about 15 weeks time, meaning if all goes well, I might be ready to start taking students in the fall.

Here we go again!

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