Transport Canada Commercial Pilot

adbCompleted another milestone today, passed my FAA to Transport Canada Commercial conversion written exam with a score of 100%! After a major failure a few weeks ago, scoring a 50% on my first attempt, I decided to make darn sure this time I was going to kill the exam so I forced myself through several study sessions and even went back to preparing for myself a mind-map graphic to help with my preparations. Acing the exam today felt fantastic as there was an enormous amount of material to cover and the exam only had 20 questions so the margin for error was razor thin.

Next on the todo list is to get my logbook and FAA licenses validated by Transport Canada and stamped into my new Canadian aviation data booklet. Once that is done, then I’ll have to start studying again for the Instrument Rating conversion exam, another dreaded massive content exam with only 20 questions.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get everything in order to start some basic flight instructor training after Christmas.


Cessna 172, here I come!


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  1. Don Cheney says:

    Slow goin’ isn’t it! Congratulations on passing that test. Busting it the first time was a hard, but good experience for you. Stay on track Travis – apparently you want this career badly enough to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve it.

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