One Month Away


Boy how time flies, its now one month until I fully start this new adventure!  On June 16th, my career change officially takes flight.

The couple months have been a whirlwind of preparations and thus far I think I am probably a little over half done my ground school learning having read through the following FAA resources… Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, the Airplane Flying Handbook, and the FAR AIM and having watched over 10 hours of training videos. I have been trying to stay committed to at least one hour of training per day since signing up back in February. I have to say I am quite confident in the ground school materials and have only found a few sections to be particularly challenging – airspace classifications, and weather – as they require heavy memorization. The other materials have been very much centered around the science of flight which I am finding brings back many memories of my university science classes.

I have now also completely assembled my flight bag with my sunglasses, headset, kneeboards, sectional charts, plotters, night flying flashlight and head lamp, laptop, reference books and my ipad stuffed with aviation apps.

Although many students say summer flight training in Arizona is the most difficult time of year due to the high air temps, low density air, and monsoon storms, I am excited to be challenged with these conditions to help make me a better pilot in any condition.

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