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Day in the Life of a Charter Pilot

Disclaimer: Apologies in advance for the poorly written post, the bulk of it was narrated to my iPhone enroute from YYC to YEG So after a marathon day, I figured I’d review the  glamorous day...


1900 Line Indoc

I am sow sitting at just over 600 total time and am only 20 hrs short of completing my Line indoctrination on the 1900D. It’s been a wild ride and I am really enjoying...


Medivac Pilot

A few weeks back I got another opportunity to fly Medivac out of Fort St. John, BC and what another amazing experience that was! Out first day saw us fly to Prince George to...


Saturday Summer Flying

Got a last min call for flight today to ferry a plane to Calgary with my training captain. With no passengers to fly and very quiet bases in both YEG and YYC, it was...

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