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Cross Continent Flight

Well this post is about 2 months late, but since it was by far my biggest flight adventure to date, I figured better late than never! The Journey June 14: Delivery of new aircraft C-FEFW Piper...


Cross Country to Barhead, AB

Snuck in a quick Saturday morning cross country flight Barhead, AB today. Brought along my flying buddies Carlyn and Alex Sanders to share in the adventure. Filed my first IFR flight plan, flew my...


Last Flight!

Today marked my last flight with ATP Flight School, wrapped up crew cross-country flights with a short jaunt down to Tucson, International Airport and back to Gateway. Picked up a new copilot for the...


Instrument Cross County Flight to Yuma

Had another wonderful cross country flight the other day, flying to Yuma and back on an IFR flight plan to practice more IFR navigation and approaches. After filing our flight plan with ATC, we...


Solo Cross Country #1

Another solo adventure accomplished, and overall a very smooth and uneventful flight. What a difference it makes when its all on me. This time, I was actually able to enjoy the views and relax...

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