Last Flight!

Today marked my last flight with ATP Flight School, wrapped up crew cross-country flights with a short jaunt down to Tucson, International Airport and back to Gateway. Picked up a new copilot for the trip and had a smooth and peaceful 1.4 hr flight, making sure to fly a little slower to savor the final adventure. Approaching Tucson, I was granted an ILS approach, which I flew perfectly and, we were greeted with a squadron of F-16 fighter jets in the traffic pattern – obviously to salute me on my last flight! After a quick refueling stop and bathroom break, we loaded back up for the return flight back to Gateway. The flight was again very uneventful and we finished up with another ILS approach helping to stretch out the flight time just a bit more.

Touching down on the runway, it was a bitter sweet feeling of accomplishment and sadness that the flight training adventure is now over, but the story continues as I continue my job search for a pilot career in Alberta.

Hours Logged

Total Time: 282.3
Flight Time: 226
PIC Time: 141.1
Solo Time: 10.3
Multi-Engine Time: 120.2
Single-Engine Time: 105.8
Night Time: 30.6
Night Landings: 60
Day Landings: 280
Instrument Approaches: 65
Flight Training Device: 56.3

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2 Responses

  1. Don Cheney says:

    A wonderful, successful journey Travis. Thanks so much for taking me along.

    • admin says:

      You are so welcome Uncle Don! Thanks for joining me in my trials and celebrating with me the successes. It has been quite the adventure and the story continues as I try to find work as a pilot and hopefully one day pay off all the student loans. It’s the long game that’s going to be worth it I have to keep telling myself. Transoceanic flights and travel privileges for Sarah and I to enjoy seeing new horizons in our later years is where the dream lies.

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