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SOLO Flight Souvenir

A few weeks back, my private pilot instructor returned to me a souvenir of my first solo flight, the shirt back from my cut solo shirt (full story). It will be a prized reminder...


Solo Cross Country #1

Another solo adventure accomplished, and overall a very smooth and uneventful flight. What a difference it makes when its all on me. This time, I was actually able to enjoy the views and relax...


Solo Success!

Just returned from my first solo adventure – three loops around the airport and three landings all by myself. It was a very exciting yet very familiar feeling as nothing changed other than having...


Solo No Go

Bad news… I did the obligatory warmup flights with my instructor but I guess we warmed up too much as the weather got incredibly hot and thermals were really bumpy with slight tailwinds so...


Solo Evaluation Passed!

The day has finally come, as of 1 PM today, I have passed all my instructional evaluations and tomorrow I get to fly solo (just me, myself, and I – no instructor on board)....

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