Solo No Go

Bad news… I did the obligatory warmup flights with my instructor but I guess we warmed up too much as the weather got incredibly hot and thermals were really bumpy with slight tailwinds so I decided to call off the solo flight as I wasn’t entirely comfortable and wanted to set myself for success for the first flight.

Officially it is my first no-go decision as PIC (pilot in command) but as all the training has told me, the individual pilot is the only one who can decide if the environment meets his minimums. On the plus my landings were decent considering the conditions and my instructor was prepared to let me solo so I know I am ready, the day just wasn’t ready for me.

Trying again tomorrow early morning before temps creep up. At this point, I’ll gladly take a 4:30 AM alarm to get some nice smooth air and less busy skies.


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  1. Don Cheney says:

    You have just learned the most important lesson of your life.


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