Sim Day 3

Just wrapped Day 3 of sim training and wow does it feel like a meat grinder! Just when I think I am getting comfortable, I get tossed a few more new items and it’s more struggles until it becomes rote. 

Today I nailed steep turns again and that felt good, I nailed the engine out at altitude and I was finally getting a hang of controlling the airplane through very basic climbs, descents, and turns.

I then got presented with a pilot incapacition, where my captain fell ill and had to be removed from the flight deck. Although I am still new to the plane, I found myself quickly getting into a rhythm and I performed the maneuver correctly and was able to safely fly an approach and landing all on my own. It was a great confidence boost!

It was then my turn for the rejected takeoffs and V1 cuts (engine failure right after takeoff). The first few were pretty good but then ok the next few I really struggled with the control of the airplane and needed to take a break to collect myself. After the break I flew the procedure pretty well and then flew the single engine return, approach and landing which started to feel pretty good.

The night ended with a briefing where the instructor said he was happy to see my progress and has hope that I’ll be able to perform at flight test standards by Sunday. 

I am sure finding it much harder not to be able to draw from a seasoned captain intimately familiar with the SOPs. It’s awfully hard for me to get the calls and memories items down when the captain is missing calls and confusing procedures. I know it’s all on my to nail them, but I really hadn’t expected it to be so hard with both us of us so new.

I think I’ll try to reach out to the chief pilot at Cariboo or at least the training instructor to have a frank conversation about how best to proceed.

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