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Intrument Training Half Over

So it’s been a while since I last posted about flight training, but rest assured I have been hard at work he whole time digesting all this new knowledge and mastering all the new...


GPS Navigation and Approaches

What amazing experiences night flying brings! Took off just after sunset again last night for a quick trip down to Marana to practice GPS navigation along victor airways and then setup for a GPS...


Solo Cross Country #1

Another solo adventure accomplished, and overall a very smooth and uneventful flight. What a difference it makes when its all on me. This time, I was actually able to enjoy the views and relax...


Cross Country #1 (IWA-AVQ-E63-IWA)

POST-FLIGHT UPDATE Landings were really good today! Finally starting to feel it! It was however very surprising to see first hand how much there is to do enroute during even longer legs of a...

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