SOLO Flight Souvenir

A few weeks back, my private pilot instructor returned to me a souvenir of my first solo flight, the shirt back from my cut solo shirt (full story). It will be a prized reminder of all the hard work and even a few tears that went into this amazing adventure. Also as per tradition, I was awarded a personalized call-sign which gave me a good chuckle as throughout my training, I found ways to use Excel spreadsheets to simplify some of the regular mathematical calculations required in pre-flight and even on one occasion, I was called into a meeting of instructors to show them how to use spreadsheets for themselves. I also found it quite appropriate as I am not one to ever just do something, my personality requires that I put everything I possibly can into whatever the situation and excel.

Thus it truly was a fitting call-sign and one that I look forward to adopting once I get my own plane some day.


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