Flying from the Right Seat


Big day! Filed my first personal IFR flight plane and am loaded up in the plane flying from the right seat – co-pilot seat. Today I am performing a crew cross-country evaluation flight to practice crew flying in preparation for my crew cross-country time build flights with another student. My instructor for the day is a very good teacher very shortly on his way to the airlines so I’ll be trying to soak up as much knowledge as I can.

The first leg has me filling the role of co-pilot, sitting in the right seat, operating the radios, the navigation equipment and calling out checklists. For practice I’ll also be performing the take-off and landings from the right seat to get comfortable with those. Should be an interesting experience!

Flying over to Yuma, I am also hoping we get to see some military aircraft while we enjoy a nice taco supper.

Then on the return trip, I’ll be doing the flying however instead of flying from the traditional left seat, this time i’ll be doing it from the left to practice in case it is needed on the crew flights.

It should be a fun day and probably my last flights before the Christmas break and some much needed R&R.

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