Study & Homemade Simulator

Spent several hours preparing for my trip to Long Beach, CA. Started with 2 hrs in a coffee shop reviewing B200 engine start procedures, memorizing passenger and take-off briefings, after take-off flows and abnormal procedures memory items. As I have learned, it’s all about repetition so I pulled out my whiteboard pages and wrote and rewrote the lists until it became engrained.

Then came home and setup my flight simulator desk with Microsoft Flight Sim and all my training materials. I setup a few scenarios back in my old flight training stomping grounds in Arizona. Once the plane is in the air, it’s actually incredible how powerful a training tool this can be. Tonight I was teaching myself to plan hold entries and actually flying the holds with autopilot, something I have never done before. It’s going to be great to do these little refreshers every few days so my mind is fresh once I get to the big sims in a few weeks.


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