Here We Go!

What a day! Started off with a plain old passenger screening shift with Cariboo first thing this morning. During the shift I spent most of the time training a new recruit who will be helping out over the summer. Finished up the shift with a quick chat with my manager Paulette who asked me if I had had any exciting phone calls – I said not yet.  She said just wait… Cariboo is going to Line-Indoc me very soon.

So, I come home and get back to work work and about an hour later, I get a call…  call display says Cariboo’s chief pilot Deborah…  heart starts beating…  hello…  Hi Travis, it is Deborah calling from Calgary… we are needing a contract first officer and we need to get you flying ASAP. We have you booked on a flight on Friday and one on Monday with our training captains are you ready to go…  YES MAAM!

Turns out I will be flying Friday from Calgary to Josephburg (Fort Saskatchewan, literally 27 mins from my house) and doing some training take-offs and landings and then staying in Josephburg for the day and then flying with passengers back to Calgary. Seems crazy that I have to drive 3 hrs Thursday night only to get into a plane the following morning and fly over an hour back up here and then back down to Calgary and to drive back home Friday night. But oh well…  this gets me current to fly passengers again after 90 days since my last sim flight back in March.

Then on Monday, I am tentatively booked for a flight from Calgary to Kaslo, BC. With a quick Google search, it looks like this might be a wild airport to fly into. Hope it all works out as this will be some great experience.

It sounds like the bigger plan is to get me “line-indoc-ed” so I can be ready to fly on short notice and pick up the odd flight, hopefully weekly.

Time to pull those SOPs out and get them dusted off and nicely engrained in my mind before Friday.

Josephburg, AB (CFB6)


Kaslo, BC (CBR2)

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