Pima Air & Space Museum Visit

P1020968Having recently learned that only 1.5 hrs away from our home is the largest aerospace museum in the US – Pima Air & Space Museum, Simon and I set our alarms early on Saturday morning to head out for an adventure. Arriving on site, we were shocked and amazed at the fleet of aircraft on display, over 300 in all. Being very eager learners, Simon and I made our way around the museum rather quickly snapping photos left and right. A highlight for Simon was markers on all the plans represented in the movie Planes.


Leaving the museum, we drove past the massive aircraft bone yard (309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group – AMARG) of retired military aircraft. To bad the quick shots we snapped from the truck can’t do justice to the tens of thousands of aircraft we were able to see resting peacefully. As Tucson is an area with very low humidity, it is an ideal spot to store these pieces of history.

All in all, it was an amazing adventure and further helped reinforce the flight bug in my heart.

Photo Gallery

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