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Solo Evaluation Passed!

The day has finally come, as of 1 PM today, I have passed all my instructional evaluations and tomorrow I get to fly solo (just me, myself, and I – no instructor on board)....


Landing Practice Day Two

Just wrapped up day two of my remedial landings practice and flew today with a different instructor (Nick) to gain some different insights and help me progress. The day started great with calm winds,...


Try and try again

Made to the end of this series of flight lessons but my instructor has decided I am not quite ready to advance to the solo flights quite yet so I’ll be starting some remedial...


Learning from mistakes

Boy I sure hope the old adage “we learn best from our mistakes” is true because I sure made a ton of mistakes today during the flight. From failures entering and exiting maneuvers –...


Flight School 101

With week two almost complete, I figured I should recap the intense leaning I have been going through and basically it is broken down Into two components… 1. Practical flying experience, 2. Aeronautical knowledge...

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