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BC Bush Flying

Got sent to northern BC this past week for a some bush flying. Three gravel runways and some fantastic flight experience in some very remote areas. The toughest part about flying into gravel strips...


B1900D Upgrade

It’s official! Got word a few days ago of my upgrade for the Beech 1900! This is a nice step up to a larger aircraft and the best part is that I’ll now be...


My Journey to Flight

Today I got asked to share my journey to becoming a career pilot so here we go… My name is Travis Whyte and I have spent a good portion of my adult life sitting...


Been There Done That

With nothing better to do on a cold winter morning, I decided to have some fun with google maps and plotted all 67 airports, across North America that I have personally landed at. Check...


Double Duty

Back to the office today… this career change is often excruciating! Just when I am really getting the hang of flying and the flying lifestyle, it’s back to work work to make enough to...

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