WestJet Encore, Here I Come!

After 6 long, painful weeks, I finally got a call from WestJet this afternoon. I’ve successfully made it through all their recruiting. When they have an opening in their next ground school class, I’ll sign a contract and I’ll be officially employed. At this point, it sounds like maybe June 8 or for sure July 2nd. So, technically still not 100% official, but just a matter of time now.

What an emotional adventure this has been! Interviews and 3 months of recruiting with Jazz (Air Canada Express) to come up empty, then an interview and even a job offer from Pacific Coastal Airlines (PASCO) which I felt I had to turn down because the potential with WestJet Encore was going to be a better fit. Was excruciating for to pass up the bird in the hand but my heart told me bigger things were ahead. And no that risk and the weeks of patience has paid off.

The recruiter said I should hear in the next few weeks for my official ground school date and then a contract to sign.

The first step will be 4 weeks in Calgary with company indoctrination and ground theory training on the Q400 aircraft and then 2 weeks in the simulator then finally getting my hands on the airplane!

It should be an exciting summer!

Almost 6 years ago to the day, when contemplating what to do with the rest of my life, I decided to live out a dream and become an airline pilot. A year of hard training, a painful year of waiting, two LONG years of slinging bags, and two exciting years flying charter flights in Northern Alberta and British Columbia I’m now about to join the best rated Airline in Canada, WestJet.

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