Concorde Memories

Received an amazing gift tonight, Auntie Margie mailed me her souvenir package from her flight on the BA Concorde in 1996. When Margie and Brian were in town a few weeks ago I asked them about Concorde as I had it in my head that one of them had flown on the plane.

Auntie Margie then proceeded to tell me all about her adventure. In 1996, good friends of their purchased for her a lunch flight on the British Airways Concorde out of and back into Heathrow airport.

The adventure was a full day affair of opulence, with a champagne breakfast in a private terminal, followed by a presentation of the history of Concorde and then the climax, a 2 hr flight during which they broke the sound barrier and cruised at Mach 2.0. What a day!

Throughout auntie Margie’s trip down memory lane I sat mesmerized and later asked if she ended up with any pictures. She said she would have to check in her archives when she returned to Belleville, ON. About a week later I got an email where she said she wasn’t able to track down any pictures but that she would be sending me her package souvenirs – wow!

Thank you auntie Margie!

Souvenir Book


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