Careers in Aviation – WestJet Tour

A few weeks back, I saw post on Facebook, for an upcoming careers in aviation expo in Calgary so I quickly signed up hoping it might shed some more light on new possibilities for my career transition. Thinking this might be just my chance, I immediately engaged my graphic designer buddy Joel to help me with preparing a unique and graphical resume to help me stand out. After several weeks of work and input from just about everyone around the BubbleUP office, I headed down to Calgary for the day full of excitement. 

Checking into the event, I quickly learned it was far smaller than I was expecting and that the only companies were WestJet and Jazz, who were looking for several thousand flight hours – way more than I have. The rest of the exhibits were geared at high school students wanting to start out on their career path and guys in my shoes, with only 250 hrs are still stuck in limbo, trying to build time with little options.

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