Crew Cross Countries Finished


General Aviation Ramp at Riverside, CA

Phew… what a week… over 30 hrs flying in the last 5 days! With a total time now closing in on 200 hrs, the end of training is very near.

With the big cross country adventures behind me, tomorrow I will be flying to Edmonton for a full week of work at BubbleUP, and while in Edmonton, I hope to make contact with some small charter airlines which I am hoping will take notice of my ratings, training, and work experience.

Overall the week of flying was very successful and after each hour logged I felt more and more comfortable in the plane and now it seems almost like driving a car, you get in and go and all the steps required just flow naturally. Its amazing to think that what only a few months ago was incredibly challenging is now second nature.

Once I return from Edmonton, I will be jumping right into my commercial training which requires one more written examination, one oral exam, and two more flight check rides – so it will be a busy few weeks. The good news is that the content and training is nothing that I haven’t ever seen before, its now just taking it all to the next level and smoothing out flights to a much higher standard, one that would be expected by an employer hiring a professional pilot.

Below are a few of the photo highlights of the trips – too bad the camera doesn’t do the views justice!

Photo Gallery

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  1. Don Cheney says:

    It is amazing how doing something we thought was impossible becomes practically routine after just a few weeks of practice. Our reluctance to try something different for fear of failure really limits our joy of life.

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