Mock Check-ride Aced


With still a few days to go, but over a week since my last flight, my (new) instructor and I thought it would be a good idea to head up today to run through a mock check-ride flight to make sure I was still sharp for the exam. And as it turned out, today was probably the best instrument flight I have ever had. I nailed all the requirements and the instructor even remarked that I did a really good job and not one hint of nerves or any discomfort – really an exciting feeling going into the exam. Now just have to make sure my nerves stay in check on Thursday and it should be smooth sailing. It sure is a neat feeling enjoying the fruits of all the hard work of training and studying.

Although the day unfortunately did end on a bit of a sad note and I was informed as we were debriefing, that my previous instructor had been let go over the weekend and I would now be staying with the temp instructor through my next phase of training.

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