First Pilot Job Application Sent

Although I still have a fair bit to go in my training in terms of flight hours, once I complete the instrument exam, I’ll be immediately starting to work on my commercial training, which is really just more of a time build and then one exam. So over the past few weeks, I have been researching small charter airlines based in Alberta and found one that really caught my eye – North Cariboo Air. What mostly caught my eye was their young pilot program, which is designed to start commercial, instrument rated pilots (with 500 hrs total time), in the right seat of their King Air, the smallest of their fleet.

The program is designed to help rookie commercial pilots continue to build hours in a professional environment and to seek in-house training on their larger aircraft and progress. It sure is a pretty exciting opportunity so I figured I would toss my name in the running and email in an inquiry to their HR department and see if I can’t start a dialogue as to the steps I should take to continue building my hours and training.

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