Instrument Check-ride – Discontinued

Yesterday was my Instrument Check-ride and unfortunately, it didn’t start out well – although not at all my fault. It turns out that my instructor had not properly logged some of my training and wasn’t present at the exam to correct it, so as a result the examiner wasn’t very happy and we had a 2+ hr delay getting it all sorted out before we could even start! My temp instructor who was sitting with me for the check-ride could tell I was getting pretty frustrated and did his best to calm me down and it actually worked wonders.

30-mins-imageOnce all the paperwork was squared away, the examiner finally said, “well lets begin this oral exam and see how things go”. Thank goodness I was able to regain my composure and turned the entire morning around by absolutely nailing the first few questions from the examiner and then he said, “its clear you know your stuff, now I can either continue to try to ask you a whole bunch more questions or you can take a look at these topics and tell me everything you know about them”. So without further adieu, I continued to rattle off very thorough answers and within a matter of minutes, the examiner said, “ok, that’s enough, you have passed the exam”. My jaw about hit the floor and I said thanks and we chitty chatted about the flight and the examiner decided because of all the delays, we didn’t have enough time to start the flight before his next scheduled exam. So I left the room and gathered up my instructor – who was equally shocked that I had completed the exam in under 30 mins. Apparently that’s the shorted oral instrument exam he has ever seen in 2 years of instructing – guess all my hard work paid off.

So now the flight exam is scheduled for a week this coming Thursday, which unfortunately means, I’ll have over 8 days off but at least, I’ll get a chance to rest and recover and enjoy Thanksgiving Holidays with the family.

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