Solo Cross Country #2

Just returned from solo cross country flight #2 today and thankfully it was another pretty uneventful adventure. About the only thing I did run into was the same batch of student pilots from the other training school that uses the Gila Bend airport. Those folks seem to think its their airport and they fail to follow basic protocol and decency meaning we have to be even more vigilant. I was sure glad to get back on with air traffic control leaving the Gila Bend area.

Tomorrow solo flight #3 is lined up and unfortunately, it is my last solo adventure ever as I’ll be going right into multi-engine training where we fly always with a crew of 2. However, because I am a bit short on hours for my solo, I’ll be taking the scenic route tomorrow and at a slightly slower pace to build the time. Should be nice and relaxing again and by leaving early, I hope to have less traffic at Gila Bend.

Here are a few snap shots of today’s journey…

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