Introducing my new copilot Peter!

Absolutely incredible what a difference a day makes and what a huge help Peter was to help keep me calm cool and collected! There is hope!


Pretty much concluded my biggest troubles with flying revolve entirely around stress (both mental and physical) so I did lots of reading yesterday about pilots and stress and coping techniques.

It seems most stress coping techniques are specifically aimed at ones personality so for me and my high Gold/Green (obsessive/introverted) self, I will need a bit of levity to help me deal with my stressors.

For today’s flight, I brought along my new trusty copilot, Peter the Lego pilot, who will give me a bit of comic relief and healthy distraction. And I found a perfect spot for Peter to monitor today’s flight keeping me and the plane on a solid heading.

Stay tuned for a post flight update…

And they flew in a C17 with my name on it!


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