Flying with the Rain

For today’s early morning flight, after a thorough weather briefing, we did a little cloud chasing and bumped into some virga, rain, and some very brief instrument meteorological conditions that proved to be some great training experiences. Although, technically not advisable since we didn’t file an IFR flight plan before the flight, was actually quite safe as my instructor is instrument rated and we only bumped up into the clouds just a few minutes just to experience the enveloping sensation and spatial disorientation.

Having recently been studying weather, it was neat to see first hand the smooth, stable air conditions that came along with the strata-form clouds and gentle rainy conditions.

During the flight I also got some higher altitude training as we climbed up to over 12,000 ft and experienced a significant temperature drop to 7 C, which was a nice change from the 35-40 C temps we have been flying in recently. While at this altitude we were treated to some amazing views of the east valley and was able to practice fairly rapid decent into the Coolidge airport to practice a few more touch and go landings – which are unfortunately still a little shaky especially in cross and downwind conditions.

Below are a some neat pictures of the flight for your viewing pleasure…






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