Travis 2.0

piperWhen you’ve become accustomed to a project management way of life for many years, I guess its only natural that I would take the same approach to my own life. Thus effective January 1, 2014 I made the bold decision to start my next major project which I am calling Travis 2.0. Over the course of this calendar year, I will be transitioning my career path to that of a professional pilot – I know really a pilot! Its long been a dream of mine to be involved with aeronautics and flight and now living in Arizona, I have located a program that will fast track me into a new career.  The program is called the Airline Career Pilot and its offered through the largest flight school in North America, ATP Flight School.

The first phase of the training is extensive ground and flight training over 150 consecutive days after which I will have obtained my private pilot license, including multi-engine ratings and instrument ratings in addition to my single/muti-engine commercial license and even flight instructor certification.

Phase two of the training will see me use my flight instructor certification to build flight hours and experience over a 18 month time frame preparing me for full qualification for a move into the airlines.

Over the coming weeks, I will finalize my extensive application including finance, medical, TSA background checks with the hope of starting the program in spring or summer.

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